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Alder can vary in color from tan to reddish brown. The wood is fairly straight- grained with a uniform texture.  It can have pin knots and pitch pockets. Rustic Alder will have the same characteristics as Natural Alder but may have closed knots to I inch and clusters of pin knots. Alder is typically harvested in the  Pacific Northwest.


Butternut is a wood source used in fine woodworking by cabinetmakers for well over a century. A preferred wood because of its stability, it is favored by woodcarvers because of its beautiful grain. The color has been described chestnut brown, dark brown, or a butter tan. A beautiful, satin-like luster remains after planing to smooth surface.When a clear finish is applied , that luster becomes greatly pronounced, for a beautiful end result.



Hickory makes a dramatic statement, with bold grain and color variations which can range from white to dark brown. Hickory is a hardwood that grows in Southeastern Canada and Eastern United States.


Lyptus is a natural hybrid that thrives in Brazil. It’s something new and different that’s exciting to people in the industry. Color can vary from a light pink to reddish brown. It’s finish friendly and you can create interesting color combinations with it.


Hard Maple

Hard Maple is a very stable and durable wood. With its smooth texture, it has a fine, close grain pattern. Some color variations ranging from white to creamy white with occasional reddish brown tones. The wood is hard and heavy with good strength properties, in particular its high resistance to abrasion and wear. Maple has gained the most recognition  and popularity as a furniture and cabinetry wood in the United States.

Red Oak

Red Oak is characterized by a strong open grain pattern, enhanced by random streaks and swirls. Oak varies from light gold to deep reddish brown.



Wisconsin white pine is a creamy white with a fine grain. The heartwood is a light creamy brown, with occasional contrasting orangish growth rings.

Solid Colors

Solid Colors- We start with Maple and use a colored lacquer, not paint.  The sky is the limit when it comes to color choice. We will use your color chip.


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