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Let's face it - cabinetry can often be deceiving. Two cabinets, side by side, may appear to be identical (aesthetically), but are completely different in nearly every other aspect. Whether it be the quality of materials used, the capabilities of the hardware, or the overall construction, these are differences that would become apparent later in the cabinet's life.


Here at Westwood Kitchens, we want to be as transparent as possible - because there is nothing to hide. Quality cabinetry should speak for itself.


Below is a breakdown of a few key points of our quality construction:

Quality Cabinet Construction Features

1) Our 5 piece drawer boxes and roll out shelves are constructed of 5/8" hardwood, dovetailed at all corners with 1/4" bottoms that are dadoed into all of the sides for strength and durability.


2) Cabinet doors are solid hardwood with over 90 standard styles to choose from.



3) Face frames are mortise and tenon construction, 3/4" solid hardwood of your choice.


4) Top and bottoms of wall cabinets are 1/2" birch plywood and are dadoed into sides, back, and frames.


5) Toe kick boards are 1/2" birch plywood that is supported from behind a maximum of 16" on center. Finished 1/4" toe board cover is available in 8' lengths.





6) Self-closing drawer slides featuring Blumotion soft close for smooth action and unmatched durability. Made in the USA. Also featuring Blumotion hinges with soft closing features.


7) Featuring all full depth drawers, providing easy access - in comparison to the competition.


8) All shelves are full depth and fully adjustable 3/4" hardwood plywood for storage strength and stability, and are supported with durable metal shelf clips.


9) Cabinet backs consist of 1/2" hardwood plywood rabbeted into sides and dadoed to receive the top and bottom.





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10) All roll out shelves are full depth and are fully adjustable. Roll out shelves also feature Blumotion soft close slides for ease of operation.



11) Finished end panels are 1/2" hardwood plywood, with a matching 1/4" wood veneer exterior skin which are glued on for fasten free appearance.


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